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Friday, June 01, 2012

Maria de Liderlam

I'm generally pretty good at keeping my composure but sometimes I just can't...

One example was at the music school a while ago. Catrin was singing with her solfège group. That was OK.

Then a lady drummer had brought her husband, a blues guitarist and singer, and a friend on bass to accompany her. The guy announced that they would be doing various blues, the first based on well-known children's rhymes. "You'll recognise them", he said," it begins with Maria de Liderlam".

He started singing. My brain started trying to work it out.

Slowly it came.

Maria de Liderlam... Marie 'ad a leeder lam. Mary had a little lamb.

I started laughing.
I fought hard but it was stronger than me.
So I had to leave the room quickly, find a quiet place outside, laugh uproariously then make my way back to the room.

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