We've been finishing off the year in the English Services by doing Christianity Explained.
With a bit of creative adaptation it works quite well in the context of our semi-formal, semi-informal evening service : Song, Bible study, song, talk, song, dicussion and prayer, song.

We'd anticipated doing the same kind of thing to begin next year, following up with perhaps a short series of messages on Ephesians. I'd been hoping to find a DVD of Rico's talks when I come to the UK.

However then I was alerted to the existence of "Identity", a seven-session course based on John's gospel. We've watched the videos online and we're keen to try it.

1) It's based on John's gospel, more evangelistic in purpose than Mark's. (That might provoke discussion...)

2) It has downloadable videos, with English subtitles ! Great for a group where many are second-language English speakers and where we run on a shoestring. It seems to us that the videos aren't as nice or as well done, but you can't have everything, and they are free, after all !.

3) The talks are suitable lengths and we can well imagine how it'll work.


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