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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Mapple MyPhonies

Here we are - a bit of French, a dig at Apple, the Simpsons and an illicit video that will surely disappear as quick as winking.

I so identify with all that Lisa says. If they would bring the price of those MyPhonies down just a little - say to $20 - I'd get a pair.

Saddo !


Larry said...

I have a mypod, and I ditched the myphonies as quick as possible for a 6.99 set of headphones of amazon. Cheaper, better and less likely to get me mugged.

Alan said...

Very wise.

I am sometimes tempted by MyPod Nanos ( they're so COOL ) but my phone plays MP3 files very well and I always have it with me. A MyPod would be just another thing to remember to take with you, and keep charged up, and everything...

Larry said...

My phone is somewhat akin to the mouse I have laid traps for chez moi in some regards.
1) I have no great admiration or love for it
2) it is not that shiny.
3) It cannot play mp3s.

Anonymous said...

Larry, how do you feel about dogs? (Preferably those too large to fit in one of your traps). I certainly wouldn't suggest a cat to catch the mouse, I'd probably set the trap for that myself, but not everything hairy (and sadly, these days, that excludes me,) is totally useless.
Just a thought.