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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Iain D Campbell talks about twice on a Sunday

Iain D Campbell talks about morning and evening services here.

Our situation in France is different. There's no history of morning and evening worship - at least within memory. Also there's a prevailing image of duty rather than privilege, that is that we go to church to do our duty. Having been, we've done our duty. Does this come from the surrounding catholicism ?

The upshot is that it is quite difficult to encourage people to come twice on a Sunday and to build up any kind of momentum for evening worship.

We are very conscious of our protestant forefathers. They preached several times a week - often every day or more than once a day.

Of course, they were greater men than we. Their preaching style was different from ours. Their social context was different from ours.

But they still present us with a great challenge. Faced with unbelieving Western Europe - no less dark than the days they lived in. Surrounded by Christians who need building up. Armed with the same word, indwelt by the Spirit, proclaiming the same Christ, they preached - lots. What do we do ?

At the same time Sarko ( the French Thatcher ? ) is proposing la banalisation du travail dominical - the normalisation of Sunday working, including Sunday trading. I was heartened to read that the CEO of Auchan does not want his stores open every Sunday. Good for you, and good for your staff !

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