South Africa

We have been waiting for Catrin's visa to come. We sent it recorded delivery, so we know it got there. They were supposed to return it in the same way - we included the envelope and slips.

On Wednesday she phoned the consular service in Paris. A man said he would phone back. He didn't.

This morning we phoned. If they had the visa and passport I could have got a return train to Paris - about 55€ - to collect the visa and passport. There was no answer.

I emailed.

I found an emergency number. The nice lady said she was surprised that we had not received the visa yet, and could I message her with Catrin's name. So I did. She didn't phone back.

Catrin will attempt this afternoon.

But it seems clear that she will not be flying to South Africa on Monday, or anywhere else for that matter, until we can get a replacement.



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