South Africa - continued

The same lady phoned back on Saturday afternoon. 

"I have found your daughter's application: Is she a student?"

"No, she's doing a gap year."

"What is a gap year, is she working? If she is working she needs a letter from her employer."

"She isn't working for an employer. She gives English lessons to save up money to go to South Africa. she has a letter of invitation from the orphanage, but she cannot go because you have not issued her a visa."

"Listen to me, there is a process."

"Yes, and in November we visited the embassy where you told us the process took four weeks."

"How can we process applications that arrive in December when we still have applications to complete that came in September. But tell me, does she have a job?"

"No. How could she have a job when she is supposed to be flying to South Africa on Monday?"

The lady put the phone down on me.

Well the good news is that they have found her passport. I have asked them by SMS and by email to return her passport, and I will follow this up by recorded delivery on Monday.

Meanwhile Catrin phoned up about her flight, explained that the South African Embassy had lost her papers and the airline are reimbursing the price of her ticket.

Once she has a passport she can go for 90 days without a visa.


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