Gilets Jaunes acte 10

I met a chap for coffee this morning up near the town hall, and had not noticed that the trams were stopping not at 12:30 as usual but an hour earlier at 11:30. So I had to walk back to the station before getting a tram for the last two stops.

Here's a little of what I saw at about mid-day:

 The police gathering in front of the town hall.

Later on water cannons would be deployed in this square.

Walking further on along Cours Pasteur towards Place de la Victoire, many shops were boarded up, including almost all the estate agents, all the banks and various other stores.

The photo shows the town bike centre where you can borrow bikes free of charge. It's a target, perhaps because it is run by the town hall.

Some of the shops had signs on saying "Business in danger, lease available, phone this number and ask for the job centre". The shop keepers are struggling.

Meanwhile the Maison de la Bible is on a street where trouble breaks out and is staffed almost entirely by elderly volunteers. I think we should shut on Saturday afternoons, but others are more enthusiastic than I am.

It occurred to me that we attempted to rent a flat right on Cours Victor Hugo, in an area where some clashes take place each Saturday. Glad we didn't get it!

You can see some more information about today's clashes here.


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