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Sunday, December 17, 2017

R C Sproul

I never met R C Sproul or heard him preach in person. To me he was a writer. I didn't watch his courses or listen to his sermons.

I appreciated the invitations to join Ligonier theological study cruises in Alaska or the Caribbean, though I never went and I can't imagine a universe where that would conceivably happen.

But I valued his books enormously. He was a good populariser, he could explain hard things simply. His books on the Holiness of God and on the Nativity narratives were wonderful.

His little series of short books on various topics are free in Kindle format I recommend them highly.

I thought he wrote with tremendous clarity, his "The Mystery of the Holy Spirit" is my go-to popular-level book on the subject.

Thank you, Dr Sproul, Thank you Ligonier. 

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