Bus fun

Yesterday I had two big appointments, the first with the insurance company to ask four questions. We addressed the question from hardest to easiest and got everything done quite quickly. I noticed that we had a discretionary discount of 15% but said nothing until the final figure turned out to be cheaper than I expected.

"La différence n'est pas énorme."
"Oui, j'ai fait un geste."

faire un geste doesn't just mean to wave your arms around. It also means giving someone a small discretionary discount, or throwing something else in free or whatever.

My next big appointment was with a chap who's a friend, but who smokes. A lot. I'm still struggling with the asthma a little, so I thought I'd better phone him and cancel. He took it OK.

It gave me the chance to hop on bus 4 to the big shopping centre, stock up on bananas and beans and also get my public transport season ticket renewed at the same time. You can renew online up till about 15 days before the expiry date. My renewal is due on 9 December and so I systematically forget to renew because by the time December comes it's too late.

In the evening was the first of the "Excuse my English" events at the "Excuse my French Café" in the quartier Saint Michel. it went very well though a number of us arrived later than intended because it was raining heavily so all the traffic went nuts.

Our team, The Botanists, won the quiz.
I wish I were not so COMPETITIVE!!! It's a nightmare.
Still the prize slice of cheesecake was delicious.


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