Independence Day

"Well if June 23rd is going to be Independence Day for England, then we'll have to learn how to celebrate it." That was my reaction when I was told that there was to be an Independence Day celebration at our house on 4th July. To be honest I had thought of suggesting it, but hey! It's better if other people take the initiative.

So 6:30 found me with our gas stove on the patio cooking burgers and sausages along with Mitch who had his all-american backpacking stove.

A merry gang gathered, though we missed the folks who have already left us, of course, and the salads flowed profusely.

When they got playing Uno Extreme I retreated to the sitting room and some peace and quiet from the American music that was playing.

Funny what American music means to different people. Still, I heard some Springsteen for the first time.

And the last.


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