Day off

We're all pretty tired - late nights, hot weather, a combination of factors, so this morning it was pretty hard for everyone to get going. But going we got, nevertheless, and the morning began with Patricia's ukulele practice, accompanied by Gwilym on another ukulele. Be glad you don't live next door to us!

Actually I did ask our next-door neighbour the other day if she ever heard us singing, and she swore that she never does. We could perhaps ask the folk who live upstairs, but so far so reassuring.

Anyway we then made a quick trip to Ikea where we dined sumptuously on vast quantities of salad, and we then purchased some cheerful cushions to perk up our gray sofa in our grey room.

Then home again.

We went to Ikea in a Citiz car, a splendid Yaris Hybrid. When I picked up the car I first looked around it, as you are meant to do, and I noticed that someone must have shunted it while it was parked - the front bumper was displaced. I phoned the Citiz helpline to report it, taking a photo to send to them before popping the bumper back in place. Then off I went.

The Yaris hybrid is great fun to drive. Usually it runs silently in town from its electric motor, but then scuttling along very acceptably on the motorway to Ikea. It also has a splendid reversing camera that really helps you place it in a space very precisely.

Then home and more music, before hearing of Andrea Leadsom's withdrawal from the Tory leadership contest. Did she actually say what we heard her say on the recording, or did she not in fact say it as she later claimed? When she apologised to Theresa May, was it for what she had said or for what she had denied saying and therefore obviously not said, even though we seemed to hear her say it on the recording? And when she withdrew from the contest, what were her reasons? Those she said, or others that she did not say?

Anyway, she's gone, Theresa May is soon to be Prime Minister, and we must crack on with our application to become French citizens as soon as we can.


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