Christmas in our flat

It has been an IMMENSE blessing to be settled in our flat before Christmas.

We have light fittings set up, we had our kitchen sorted out, everything was pretty well in place.

It's true that Gwilym has to camp on the sofa, but he doesn't seem to mind, and this week we have taken time off from all duties so we don't need to get up too early and we can all catch up on sleep.

Our living room is a fine size. We have kept our nice big table and we can sit perhaps ten people round it. Comfy seating is a bit more sparse, with my nice pink swivel and tilt armchair and our huge four or more person sofa dominating the other end of the room, but with a bit of creativity people fit in.

It has been wonderful. Just wonderful.

And to have signed on the house sale before Christmas, too, is just a huge load off our mind.


Linda said…
It sounds great! Happy New Year!

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