Alors, nous sommes venus

Well Monday passed and there was no call from the notaire's office. This left us with four possibilities:

1) Go along, the papers are ready, we sign and all is well.

2) Go along, the papers are not ready, we have wasted a journey but hey, that's life...

3) Not go along, the papers are ready, we would have signed but we didn't show up. Catastrophe!

4) Not go along, the papers are not ready. No pasa nada.

Not going along could be a catastrophe. Se we went.

Alors, vous aviez dit que vous alliez appeler hier. Vous n'avez pas appelé. Alors, nous sommes venus.

The papers are not ready. The buyers are apparently camping in Pessac Town Hall.
But we will not be signing this week. The earliest is next week.

This means no big oven or dishwasher before Christmas.

It's not a big problem. We've lived 9 years without a big oven and we've never had a dishwasher.


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