A series of remarkable providences

I mentioned above how by a series of remarkable providences we would be ready for Monday.

Well here we go.

We had a problem with a damp wall in our back bedroom, so I asked a friend who had left pastoral ministry to set up as a handyman if he could sort it out for us. He did, and did a very good job. The house insurance paid for it, more or less - perhaps a bit less, and we were all happy. During that time we chatted about all sorts of stuff and he expressed interest in our old wood-stove that we replaced a while ago.

On Wednesday he came into the Maison de la Bible, to inquire about some work on the toilets, and I asked him if he was still interested in the wood stove. He said he was.

So on Thursday he came to collect it, and he was there when I discovered that we were signing on Monday. "I'll come round tomorrow and give you a hand." quoth he, "I can store things at my place, sell them on the bon coin and we'll share the proceeds."

Thus it was that we had a merry time sorting, carting to the dump and loading into his Kangoo so he could use, sell or whatever.

Today we have just a couple of loads for the dump and a quick clean for shame's sake, and then we'll be ready to sign!


Stephen Dunning said…
Hope all goes well!

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