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Monday, January 26, 2015


I don't know if I have blogged about pens in the past, but they're pretty wonderful if you find a good one. I have very bad memories of those blotchy biros we used to have at school - the ones with long ends made to look like old-fashioned ink pens. They left globs of sticky ink that would get on your hands and you couldn't get it off. Nasty.

Anyway at present I am a fan of two types of pen.

Firstly the PaperMate InkJoy Quatro four colour ballpen. I have found two different kinds of this pen, one with pretty normal colours : black, blue, green and red, and one with rather more girlie colours : violet, magenta, indigo, lime green, etc. To be honest, I am not entirely sure what these other colours are, but they are easily distinguished from the normal ones, so they work for me!

This gives me eight colours for mind-mapping and means that I can just take two pens with me and still take notes separating  the different headings with different colours. Very convenient.

Secondly, I have just discovered the Hero 616 fountain pen. Well, I say I just discovered it, but really many years ago I read about this pen in an article about Parker 51 copies from China. Then a couple of weeks ago I saw one on Amazon and ordered it. And it's quite phenomenal. Being a Chinese pen made for the Chinese market it is very, very inexpensive and it looks just like a Parker 51, but with the addition of a window to see how ink you have left. It has a fine nib and writes sensationally well.

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