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Friday, January 23, 2015

Open day, open doors?

Catrin wants to sing. I mean, professionally. As a singer.

Yes, I know, you can probably make a better living in a kebab shop, but hey, you gotta follow your heart.

Anyway, the big question is what comes after lycée? It isn't just a question of lycée, conservatoire, stage. It depends on your voice, its development and its maturity.

So Catrin was hesitating between the Bordeaux Conservatory, where you just study till you're ready, or the Welsh College of Music and Drama, which kind of fits into the standard university rhythm, or Bordeaux Montaigne, where they do a degree course in Chanson Française, or a new music training institute that has opened in Bordeaux.

Yesterday was the open day for Bordeaux Montaigne, and as Catrin has her tonsillitis, I went along.

It sounds GREAT! You do composing, arranging, orchestration, lots of performance, analysis, interpretation, loads of good things. The guy said that they try and only take people who they think will stick the course, because it's a lot of work and they can only take about 20 students. Generally the students combine their studies with studies at the conservatoire or at their school of music.

So high-level family discussions ensued and this is the preferred path :

Next year : Bordeaux Montaigne and Conservatoire.

After the degree : WCMD Masters in Opera.

That's the plan. Thus far.

The courses for next year would be Licence Chanson Française and Bordeaux Conservatoire.

Fall back is Licence Musicologie and Espace Musical de Pessac.

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