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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tri chynnig i Gymro (three tries for a Welshman = third time lucky)

Well what a palaver!

Bougie-wougie-telecom, the people with whom we have our internet and with whom Patricia and I have our mobile phones, wrote to me a while back announcing BIG NEW THINGS for which existing customers would be eligible.

Further details emerged.

Firstly new tariffs - for the same price as what I pays now my mobile phone would work in the UK - internet too. This seemed very interesting to me, especially since every time I go to the UK I buy a £15 top up from Three to get mobile phone cover while in the UK.

Then a new kind of ADSL and TV box coming out in January, the MiamiBox, which will have most wondrous properties.

Well the tariffs came into force on 17th November, so on 17th November I went online and looked. Sure enough, there was the new tariff. It looked fine. I clicked on the place where it said "Change for this". The reply was "We can't change your tariff online. You have to go to a shop."

Well today I was in town and heading for a shopping centre where there is a Bougie-wougie-telecom shop. I went in. I took the little number. I waited. A guy said, "Monsieur?"

"You have new tariffs, I'd like to think about changing tariff."
"OK, let's look. Ah no, you can't because you are still in minimum contract."

On the bus home I pondered. But that letter said existing customers were eligible. And I'm an existing customer. I don't remember it saying you had to be out of minimum contract. I'll have to look for that letter. (We got three or four copies, so I was pretty sure I could find it.)

Then I thought, but my phone shows me everything I need to know, too. What if I look on my phone?
I looked. My phone said, "Would you like to change to this contract that will work in the UK?"
I clicked on OK. It said."OK. Done that."

Oh well. Tri chynnig i Gymro!

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