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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Suppression of the Regions

Well I just attended what will probably be my last Synode.

The Synode of Montauban was held yesterday and today. I couldn't go yesterday, but I went this morning on the 6:30 train from Alouette.

Now there's a story! I wandered happily down to the station and bought my ticket from the machine.
33€. I thought that was very reasonable for a single to Montauban, which is a good two hours away.

Got to Bordeaux. Train for Marseille leaving from Platform 3. I hasten thither, hop on and settle myself in.
The train leaves the station.
A man says over the tannoy, "we remind you that on this train a seat reservation is compulsory".

Problem! My ticket doesn't have a seat number on it.

I find a little gang of traffic police.
Let me see your ticket. Oh yes, that ticket isn't valid on this train.

The ticket inspector came.

I think I have the wrong ticket..
Let me see. Oh yes, that's a TER ticket and this is an Intercity train.
But at Alouette there's just the one machine.
Yes, for TER tickets.
You mean to say that at Alouette I can't buy a ticket for Montauban?
Not if you want to travel on this train.
But I thought SNCF was SNCF.
Ah no!
Well I hope I don't end up in prison!
Oh no, nothing like that.
But it'll cost a bit more...
Yes, 10 euros.

Oh well, I suppose it's not the first time I have paid 10 euros to learn a lesson!

This may well be the last synode I go to. The regions are being abolished, so we won't have Regional Synodes any more.
And I don't have the right to attend National Synodes because I am a Missionary Pastor and not a proper pastor. Only proper pastors get to go to National Synode.

Once every three years there's a National And General Synode, and those I get to go to.

Montauban was flooding before our very eyes

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