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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Today I saw a super mug in a shop.

It said "Gan bwyll a daliwch ati" : Keep Calm and Carry On

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Alan Davey said...

West-Walian brother-in-law Huw points out that "Gan Bwyll" does not really mean Keep Calm.

he's right, of course.

The typography of the mug showed the intention of the producers. Gan bwyll is much closer to "Take care", though one does hear it shouted at small children when it is required that they calm down.

W-W-b-i-l Huw suggests "Cadwch yn dawel a cadwch fynd"... Comments on this translation will be transmitted to Huw.

Sadly I am unable to transmit Huw's remarks to the producers of the said mug...