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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The bloke on the bus

This bloke got on the bus today.
I suppose he was about 60 and most definitely French and local.
But he is not accustomed to using the bus !

Firstly he didn't know what to do with his ticket.

You have to poke your ticket in the slot, white face up, in the direction of the arrow.
So there's three ways of getting it wrong and one chance of getting it right.

Many people take four goes.
This bloke asked the driver and saved himself time and hassle. (Good thinking, bloke !)

Then we approached his stop. He stood up. Just before the very steep speed humps.
"Wow ! You need to be an acrobat!", he said as he landed from his brief but unexpected flight.

The bus stopped.
He looked at the door.
Some people got on.
He looked at the door.
"You have to do something ?"

but it's not on the door, where he was looking, but on a handrail behind him.
Someone pushed it. He got off.

Taking the bus is really simple. I do it all the time. Children do it. Old folk do it. Everyone does it.
But when you're new to it the things you have to do are far from obvious.

We need to lose our fear of explaining things to people. Explain, explain, explain.
And we need to lose our fear of asking for explanations. "What do I do now ?"
Also we need to think where people will be looking when we position our BIG RED BUTTONS !

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Martin said...

Touch of business analysis there.