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Alan and Pat live and work in Bordeaux. Alan is a pastor and Pat was a nurse. Now we work with UFM worldwide. Read on! (If you'd like to know what took us to Bordeaux, then start with the archives from September 2004)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kids' Club, etc.

Pat's at church helping with a fortnightly Wednesday afternoon Kids' Club.

When Gwilym gets home I have to trim his hair, then we'll go off to get a replacement wood-burning stove.

I'm quite excited about this stove - it will take longer logs then our old one and the cost of the stove is less than the cost of the spare parts we needed to repair our old one (the grate burned through...) It's been a bit of a saga waiting for it to come in to our local DIY store - but it's there now and we should be able to get it (and fit it ?) this afternoon.

If I have trouble fitting it our old stove fitter said to call him and he'll come and sort it out for us.

Then we have the FAC AGM at the FacFlat in the middle of town this evening.

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