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Friday, November 02, 2012

Christ and the desert tabernacle - a review

I've never been in a church where people spend long months preaching on all the forgotten details of the tabernacle and what they really mean - the number and fabrication of the hooks, etc... So when there was the possibility of reading and reviewing this book I was a little apprehensive. Would I get submerged in all sorts of abstruse details and give up half-way through or something ?

Well I didn't. I should have had more confidence in Doctor Fesko and in Evangelical Press !

Instead what I got was a book that took the shortest route possible from the tabernacle to the Lord Jesus Christ, speaking of the big issues in a very helpful way.

Dr Fesko has such a simple way of writing that the book is quite surprising. You think that it's at a very elementary level and suddenly you realise that actually you have covered a lot of ground and he's said some very helpful and profound things. I spent a happy while on the TGV from Paris thinking about the relationship between the garden of Eden, the tabernacle, the temple and the whole creation, all the while looking out on French blue skies.

The book is based on a sermon series and you get a lot of 'we should'. I'd prefer to be spoken to directly, but the style is easy to read and to understand.

And the reader is led to Jesus. What could be better or more worthwhile than that ? Thanks, J.V. !

Christ and the desert tabernacle is by J. V.Fesko and published by Evangelical Press.

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Cross Focused Reviews said...


Thanks for being a part of the Christ and the Desert Tabernacle Book Review Blog Tour. I think many of the reviewers weren't quite sure what to expect when they started reading the book, but soon discovered that they got much more than what they'd bargained for and I mean that in a good way. ;-) I've been most encouraged that this book is causing people to looking at the Tabernacle with fresh eyes.

Looking forward to working with you on future book review blog tours.

Shaun Tabatt
Cross focused Reviews