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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Le pBone vert est parti dans le sud de la France

Last time pBones became available I ordered one for my mate, Manu, and one extra to sell.
I'd never seen a green one so I ordered one of those.

Big mistake !

Red is the colour of fêtes, férias and festivals. Green is the colour of mould.
So I advertised it in the schools of music.
No interest.
Profs de trombone recommended it to their pupils.
In vain.
I put it on eBay and on Le Bon Coin. Still nothing.

We came back from holidays and I thought, "OK, I'll put on the green one and my red one and see what happens." I also dropped the price.

And the green one sold last weekend. I posted it off on Monday and it shoudl have arrived today, assuming the buyer was at home.

So much for making a packet selling plastic trombones! Trouble is, they're no longer £50, they're £90, and by the time you add on carriage then really you're not much cheaper than Conn-Selmer with their 149€.

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