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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Et les Ecossais, ils parlent français ?

Well I suppose I could have resisted... On the way back I got talking to some French youngsters who were trying to conceal bottles of duty-free whisky about their persons. You can't take a carrier bag on board Ryanair flights - everything has to go in your one bag. Or wrapped in the coat you nonchalantly drape over your elbow.

They said they had been on holiday together. You can imagine the fun they had.

I thought, 'Aha !' ... "Tell me, the Scots, do they speak French ?"

"No, not at all !"

"And did you meet Tony Blair ?"

By this time they needed an explanation, so I told them about my previous conversation and they confirmed my sad suspicion that the Scots who work in cafés, bars and tourist attractions almost always have little or no French.

What a pity. Scots friends ! Päy better attention to your teachers in future !

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