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Monday, May 07, 2012

Our poor sick girl

In May do as you please, says the proverb. And you have a little time to do it in, too, because there are various bank holidays in May. This year two of them fall on Tuesdays.

1st May is Labour Day when even the buses and trams don't run. So if you take Monday off you can have four days off for the price of one ! This is called 'faire the pont'.

8th May is Victory Day, so you can do the same trick of taking Monday off and get away for four days.

Thursday 17th is Ascension Day, so if you take Friday off.... You get the picture.

Gwilym's school is doing the Pont de l'Ascension, but not the others.

Catrin's school is doing all the ponts, but the poor girl has a tummy bug, probably following her trip to Toulouse. I wonder if all the kids are sick. Well, we won't find out till Wednesday.

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