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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Uh, what day is it ?

Well the children are off school for Easter holidays.

Gwilym having decided once and for all that he does not want to be a car mechanic, this poses the question of what he can do instead. So last week I went to talk to his form teacher and I also saw his French teacher and another teacher. Given his bilingualism sales or business is an option.

Another little problem is that he is due to start a three-week work experience at the Peugeot garage in Pessac straight after the holidays.

Another little problem is that he is wondering in fact about studying theology in the UK in the future.

So we went to the meeting his form teacher fixed up with the careers guidance service and talked with the nice lady (approximately my age, hot pants and chunky bangles).

Task 1. Can Gwilym do a work experience in sales or business...?

Task 2. Can Gwilym switch to do a Bac Pro Vente or Commerce, preferably with a Section Européenne ?

So yesterday, after surveys on campus, we went hunting for a stage. If he's looking at sales, why not try selling something you like ? So we went to the Guitar Shop in Talence. Charming folk, but they don't take stagiaires. Into town and Prima Musica. Super guy, he said ring me on Monday and we'll think about it in the meantime. Great, that's not a no. So we went to Paul Beuscher, top floor of Virgin Terastore, very nice guy, he looked at the dates, talked to us at length about all that a stage there entails and said yes on the spot !

So today if I can I need to talk to Lycée Pro Saint Genès about the possibility of Gwilym moving there in the autumn. Also I need to talk to his current lycée to get his work experience convention signed before he starts.

Also I have some cheques to write / post to the UK. And some Direct Debit mandates to send off linked with our new work support account.

And surveys on campus. And haircut if I can.

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