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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

And Wednesdays used to be so calm !

Chaos and madness today.

First the good news - a good time doing surveys with students. I overheard a group of people discussing heatedly right-wing RC. intégrisme and I so wanted to do a survey with them. Anyway we got to do one and I hope three lads may come along to café philo as a result.

This time we were showing a short film and the iPad was great for that. It also worked well for playing from Müller with Renaud and Thomas. And for preparing a mindmap for preaching from on Sunday.

Meanwhile one other chap has called me 9 times today. 9 times. 9. Nine. I wonder if I can put a special answer machine message for an individual person ?

Good time albeit brief with the JWs - Simon stayed with me. This evening boy's fun night. KFC and a second-hand DVD from the rental shop discards ! We know how to live it up !

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Alan Davey : said...

TEN times - he called again this evening but I didn't hear the phone ring...