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Monday, May 10, 2021

Vaccine, traffic lights and England in June

 So Pat got her vaccine at the beginning of march, I think, and her original instructions said to get her second injection at the beginning of May. So she's been watching Doctolib for appointments and when one came up tomorrow at our local GP she booked it.

A while later she got a phone call asking for her relevant data. We were puzzled because they did have it, but hey.

Then a little later still she got a message saying her appointment was cancelled because the gap between the injections was too small.

So we went down to ask.

It appears that they have changed the rules. Where before you had a eight week wait between injections, now the wait is twelve weeks. So she's due her injection towards the end of May and I'm due mine on 24 June.

Meanwhile the UK have brought in the traffic light system for visitors and France is Amber. This means a PCR test before coming, another 2 days after arriving, a third 8 days after arriving and ten days quarantine in an address that you have given to the authorities.

Since I am due to attend a conference in mid-June with a friend from the church here then we need France to be promoted to green by the beginning of June, ideally.

Otherwise there's no London conference for us. We could still go visit our son in Norwich, quarantining at his house. Or we could delay our visit until we have both had both our doses of vaccine.

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