How can you do a duvet day when the sun shines ?

 Sunday the weather was foul and as we got home just after curfew, fearing for our lives, gigantic raindrops battered the backs of our legs. I had been feeling somewhat fatigued all day, partly because of the text I was preaching on, partly because of the context of preaching and partly because of ... well you know. It's been one of those times for a couple months. 

In addition the weather forecast for all this week is for cold, hard rain. After a glorious Saturday. With a public holiday on Thursday and a long weekend to follow - the Pont de l'Ascension. In the afternoon I suddenly realised what would help. Spend my day off on a duvet day !

A duvet day is something people use when they can no longer cope with anything. They stop everything and spend the day on their sofa under their duvet watching diverting films or binge-watching situation comedies.

So yesterday, my day off, I rose early and looked to see what I fancied binge-watching. First mistake. Nothing grabbed me at all.

I opened the windows to change the air in the flat. Second mistake. The day looked glorious.

I ate my banana and chocolate porridge. Pat got up. "Duvet day today", she said, "Wow, what a gorgeous day!". 

It was decided. We would go on an adventure instead into Bordeaux to find lunch and a park bench on which to eat it. We ventured out and visited Pat's doctor and the pharmacy, but quickly realised that though the day was indeed glorious, the park benches all over the city would still be absolutely saturated from Sunday's torrential downpours.

So we changed our minds and got lunch from our favourite emporia - chicken salad for me from Chicko's, ham salad for Pat from Eat Salad, and we caught up on a rather whimsical detective series from some years ago, called "Murder City".

A demi-duvet-day.


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