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Saturday, November 14, 2020

OK, Apple computers are not perfect

Firstly my Mac Mini, a 2012 model, doesn't get the newest release of the MacOS operating system. 

What's that all about, Apple? I mean, it's only eight years old!

Don't get me wrong. The thing is working fine. It did have a little blip a few months ago when the bluetooth connection stopped working, but I took it apart and put it back together and it's been fine since.

But I guess I'm going to have to see how important it is to have that new operating system and if I really need it, I'll have to find a new Mac. It's a pain to think of changing something that's working well, but we do it with cars, don't we. We anticipate problems to come....

Meanwhile my laptop, a 2015 MacBook Pro, does get the new software, so I did the upgrade yesterday morning. The disk's a bit full so I uninstalled some of my big programs, upgraded the software, then installed them again. Now it's running fine again.

It did have a problem - the anti-reflection coating started to wear off, despite my always cleaning it with damp microfibre cloths, I swear. With the advent of Zoom I had to scrub it all off around the webcam, so there was a little shiny spot right in the middle at the top.

After upgrading the software I thought, "why not?", and got the surgical alcohol the pharmacist made me buy to disinfect my arm (don't ask) and cleaned off all the anti-reflection coating with some surgical gauze. Now the screen looks shiny and new and when the computer is turned off you can comb your hair.

I might get it a bigger disk and install it to give it a bit more space.

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