Everything is always changing all the time

Every day something changes round here.

Yesterday I made one of my trips to Carrefour for trousers - my jeans are disintegrating and I still need some decent black trews - and on the way back the bus didn't stop where I thought it would.

"C'est pas ici, l'arrêt?" quoth I. "Non, c'était un arrêt provisoire. Il est remis à sa place."

It's place is right outside the local library about 100 yards further on.

Meanwhile we are very excited about some new bottles banks that are being installed about 100 yards from us. You're supposed to take bottles and jars to bottle banks for recycling, but our nearest is the municipal dump about 10 minutes' walk away and often when we go there we find it closed. As a result we have a large number of bottles and jars just longing for a new bottle bank to open. We can see these new ones from our windows and we are very excited about them.

Then the school opposite is taking shape rapidly. It has delightful fish-scale tiles on the wall facing us and a grass roof. It will be quite the thing when it's finished. I imagine it is scheduled to open in September.

The Jardins de l'Ars have not yet started to be arranged. I wonder how long it will take to shape, scape and plant them!


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