Codgers' railcard

We're trying to organise fetching Catrin from Charles de Gaulle in about 10 days' time. We'll go up by train, stay somewhere overnight and meet her in the early morning. She lands at 5:30am.

So I went online to buy my codgers' railcard which will give me a reduced price rail ticket. The card costs 60€ and entitles me to at least 25% off the price of my tickets. The website told me I'd have to have it posted to me and it would take up to two weeks to arrive. "That's no good" I thought, so I steamed off to the Railway Station and inveigled my way to the front of the queue.

The railway station here is bright and cheerful. It has two pianos, and there's always someone playing or plinking. The cafés and shops are pleasant, and the ticket sales office is open-plan and full of excited people chatting with advisors about the best date to return from Sainte-Perpète-les-Oies. Eager staff wear their SNCF caps proudly. There's no raised voices, just happy chatter. Bustling youngsters scuttle about hustling four-wheeled cabin bags or toting enormous rucksacks. In a snack shop I spotted a perky pug trying to snaffle some cookies off the bottom shelf.

The lady behind the desk said, "the thing is, on 9 May we're launching a new set of cards. The current duffer+ card costs 60€ and gets you 25% reduction, but on the 9th the new card will cost 49€ and get you 30% reduction."

"OK! Thanks! See you on Thursday." I said, and hurried off home.


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