What I learned about Easyjet

Pat and I got up all excited. Today we were flying to London to go to EMA, the Evangelical Ministry Assembly. In addition we would be able to run amok through London. Yipppeeeee!

I printed out the boarding cards and got our passports out of the special folder. Alan's, Catrin's. Pat's?

No passport for Pat. So began the long hunt. The long and exhaustive hunt. The long, exhaustive and all-encompassing hunt. The long, exhaustive, all-encompassing and fruitless hunt.

So there I was sat on the Easyjet plane with an empty seat beside me, when a young woman came up the aisle, looking at the seat numbers and sat in it.

Long story short, Easyjet overbook their flights. They're allowed to overbook by up to 10%. This lady had bought a ticket for the flight on the day before, when all the seats were full. She checked in at the airport to be told that no seats were available, it was overbooked, but that as she was the first person on the waiting list there was a strong possibility that she would get a seat. And she got Pat's.

Story moral. Check-in online, as long before your flight as possible.


Malcolm said…
Even if you have checked in, when it comes to boarding, it is first come first on board. Easyjet don't make calls for Mr & Mme XX to go to gate N° Y. The moral is to be at the gate on time

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