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Thursday, October 20, 2016


I've had, and I still have so much admin to do - my own and some for other people - so this morning I planned a little trip to brighten the gloom - a trip to the waterfront to see two wonders!

1) The launching of a new pleasure boat on the quays by Quinconces

2) The arrival of a Russian tall ship.

The tall ship was planned to arrive at 11am and I was pretty excited to see it pass under the new lifting bridge, so after a couple of annoying phone calls, irritating emails and stuff, I hopped on the tram. I arrived at the quays a little late, but within normal Bordeaux margins, and hastened off towards the new bridge to see the ship arrive.

No sign of no launching, the bridge was lowered and being crossed by all manner of roadcraft and I saw no tall ship.

Oh well. It was a gorgeous day - like August at Llandudno - so I continued down the quays. As lunchtime approached I thought I'd get a sandwich.

The sandwich man said, "You are English? Vous êtes Français?"

"Je suis Gallois." was my proud reply.

He reflected a little. "Mais vous parlez français?"

"Ça m'arrive", I said, thinking that one day I really must ask someone if they speak Welsh.

I ordered my sandwich and scoffed it happily in the sunshine.

I watched the people running by. Few ran faster or better than I do. One older man ran beautifully. Most just shrugged, shuffled, shambled and shimmied along, whether young or old. I felt reassured.

I decided that instead of hopping on the tram to Pessac I would continue my walk to the Pont de Pierre and catch bus 24.

It was than that I saw her.

 The Russian tall ship had evidently come up the river earlier than planned as was moored all splendidly just before the Pont de Pierre.

I paused to take some photos, then carried on up to the 24 bus, which started its journey just after I boarded.

I missed the boat, but at least I didn't miss the bus.

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