Good problems to have

We're full. Full to the point of discomfort.

At Tea and Chat in the Kitchen last Thursday there were about 35 people.
When we planned our activities we had not foreseen this response, so we had to ditch 'em.
The staff at the restaurant were a little overwhelmed, so we had to help marshall people through the till.
We'll meet up with the restaurant staff to see how we can plan it better for next time.

At Dan we're now full to overflowing.
A couple of weeks ago three people had to sit on the steps, but there were six visitors and holiday makers present. Last Sunday two people were sat on the steps, but with no visitors or holiday makers.
We need to plan for more space.

We're overwhelmingly young. We have a handful of leaders in their 50s, but everyone else is in their 20s or 30s.
And would you believe that I've been seeing this as a problem. How stupid! How many churches would love to be composed of people mainly in their twenties and thirties?

So there we are.

The new restaurant still sits empty with no sign of renewal or renovation.
So yesterday I started talking to one of the leaders of a Bordeaux church about the possibility of meeting there, in a first time for the Christmas service, in a second time, weekly.


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