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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Commission Exécutive à Montauban

The CommExSudOuest met yesterday from 16h to 18h at Montauban.

The trains are such that I could either arrive over an hour early or half-an-hour late, so I chose the 12:47 train from Bordeaux and happily bundled myself off with Mrs Davey to Bordeaux. She was going to the bookshop and I had decided to sample the wares fo the fish and chip shop before taking the train.

It was not to be. The fryer had broken down, so instead I went straight to the station and foraged for something there.

Montauban was sunny and warm. I didn't need my scarf and cap as I skipped through the quaint and shoddy streets around the station. A Carrefour sold me a bottle of water for 30c and I found a bench to sit and read in the sun.

The meeting was fraternal and constructive, but time was short and we had weighty matters to discuss, like the accompaniment of pastors in ill-health and their churches, and also how to reinforce and encourage orthodoxy and orthopraxy in our congregations and pastors.

We overran. It was inevitable. My return train was at 18:44 so a mad dash ensued in a Peugeot 307. I charged into the station to find my train was delayed 1/2 hour.

The Station café was run by a splendid type who made me a nice long coffee "une dose de café et deux doses de flotte", sold me a really nice croissant "café croissant 2€, c'est pas cher" and refilled my water bottle with chilled water from the bar "c'est glacé, filtré, mieux que ce qu'il y avait avant". 

The train came eventually and I got home just after 10.

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