So what's it like in the UK at the moment ?

Last year I found the UK in party mood ! JUBILEE !

This year the party is over, the fancy decorations are all stored away and we notice again how dingy the place is.

Well - perhaps that's not altogether fair, but I DID notice how bad the roads are now - in one place the "give way" white paint at a junction had all but disappeared and it seemed pretty dangerous to me.

Motorways are still as busy as ever, if not busier. I made one train journey and it was great.

At the same time, driving in rural Wales in my borrowed Seat Leon was a joy. The way the landscape changes so quickly from the bleakness of the Beacons to the lushness of the Cardiganshire valleys, then the garish jollity of the coastal towns. It's a delightful country.


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