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Friday, June 28, 2013

Bru to the rescue !

Well I need to get this application in to do this masters under Vaux-sur-Seine in Missiology and Church Planting. They understandably want some documentary evidence of my having succeeded in studies in the past.

No problem. I gave a copy of all the relevant ones to the UNEPREF on the occasion of becoming a Pasteur Associé, and what's more I remember taking them out of that folder I gave to Gwilym.

He remembers me saying that we ought to put them somewhere safe.

So they're safe.


But since our house resembles a disorganised paper recycling plant our hopes of finding them quickly, if ever, are slim, expecially since Mrs Davey had a good root around while I was in the UK.

So I have one recourse. To ask Universitas Cambrensis if they would kindly send me another degree certificate.

No ! Two recourses ! Will the UNEPREF still have the copies I sent them ?

They did ! and the excellent Pasteur Bru sent them to me by return of email.

Wonderful !

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