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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

An approach balanced by the Bible

I prepared a list of topics to blog about during my July eSabbatical. As things seemed important to me, so I noted them down so I could wax wise about them in August.

I've lost the list and forgotten what was on it.

I think that says a lot in itself. Things strike you as important but they aren't really. A couple of weeks later you've forgotten completely.

But that sparked off one memory. A blog post entitled "Pastors, get over yourselves" !

We're walking a tightrope.

On the one hand pastors and preachers who know a certain acceptance and so decide to launch international ministries, trusts, websites and podcasts so that all over the world people can download their messages and be blessed. No relationship with these people, mind you. No reponsability for their well-being. No midnight phone calls. Just downloads. Great !

On the other hand an individualism and anti-clericalism that sees pastors in principle as obviously God-ordained, but in practice a bunch of no-good ne'er-do-wells whose chief role in life seems to be to obstruct the growth of the church by blocking every gifted person with a bit of go about them. Oh yeah ?

Come on ! We have a New Testament that warns of savage wolves arising from along the elders - wanting to divide the flock - but also that exhorts us to obey our leaders and submit to their authority because they give an account to the chief shepherd.

In other words can't we learn a little discernment ? A little wisdom ? A more nuanced approach ? After all, pastor is a synonym neither for pope nor for prat.

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