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Monday, June 06, 2011

On mobile phones

It's important to be as always contactable as possible while in the UK so a mobile phone is essential. However using your French phone in the UK can run up huge bills very quickly. This is not good.

Friend Emmanuel II recently was talking about his payg mobile on three, useful for Skype, so I thought I would see what the possibilities were...

Essentially they run as follows - one buys a phone for anything from £49 to £400. One adds a £15 voucher thing. One has five hours of calls to make or 3000 text messages to send, plus unlimited data all available for a month. Because it's payg, when you want to use it you put £15 on. When you don't you don't. No contract. All you have to remember is to use the phone at least once every 6 months - to receive a call for example - so the system doesn't disactivate it.

This is SO CHEAP compared to France. The phone I got is a HTC Wildfire, it fits the Davey policy of planned obsolescence ( i.e. always buy last year's model ) and it works really well.

Not only that but you can set up your own little wifi hotspot via the phone and do blog updates, for example.

Jolly good. Now, how to get the family to load Skype on the pc at home ?

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