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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Derek Thomas' book, "How the gospel brings us all the way home"

I was sent a PDF file of this book to read and review, with the promise of a paper-copy following publication. It's great to read books on computers and phones, so a PDF copy suits me just fine and I was keen to read the book. My trip to Britain visiting churches has got in the way somewhat and even now I don't have access to a proper keyboard or a 'proper' pc, so this review will be a it short.

Derek's book is a section by section, detailed exposition of Romans 8 and it's very readable. It's endorsed by a fine array of chaps, including Iain Campbell and Trevin Wax and the foreword is by Sinclair Ferguson. The book is clearly and openly based on a series of sermons and for me that's a good thing. Though it's written in an oral style rather than literary, that makes the book more accessible.

I think it's fair to say that the book doesn't hold any surprises. It is straightforward Bible exposition, and none the worse for that. Preachers, reformers and theologians are quoted wisely and freely and you'll pick up more than a few gems from Calvin, Spurgeon et al.

No surprises then, but there is food for thought, even pondering. I am still ruminating over "we dare not baptize our sins with benedictions" (p. 43) from the chapter "Killing fields" on mortification.

This is a good book. I'd suggest getting a couple of copies and adding it aloud with a friend - the style lends itself to that, I think. You'd both be encouraged and you'd have plenty of matter for discussion and for prayer.

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