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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Covid testing for travel

 Oh boy.

Well, we need pre-departure antigen tests before we fly. Here we can do that at our local pharmacy without rendezvous while you wait.

Then we need Day 2 PCR tests after arrival. Trying to order these was a trial. We chose Boots, because they have a branch in Norwich. The routine is that you order and enter your passport and payment details on the Boots Special Covid Testing Website, then you book your appointment with the branch.

The Norwich branch has no available appointments.

I huffed and puffed. We wanted to avoid having to post off phials of test substrate over the Christmas period, but I don't think there's an alternative.

So in the end we ordered the cheaper "stick it up your own nose" tests, which you have to post off.

Then before we fly back we have to have antigen tests.

Boots do these too. Same routine. Payment details. Book appointment. No appointments available.

OK. At our return airport there are two companies who do on site rapid antigen testing. The most convenient one has a really annoying website. The other has an easier website but you have to hoof it off to a carpark to be tested. Eventually on the third go I booked the tests.


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