And I'm running again

 So I saw my own doctor on Friday - or at least the colleague who often replaces him - and he said, "yes, why not. It's best to run in the countryside."

"Yes, but this is the city centre."

"So I go to the forests to run, or in the big park beyond the football stadium."

My own doctor, before referring me to the cardiologist, suggested crossing the river to run up the hills of the Entre Deux Mers.

"It's an hour tram-ride away."

"Oh yes, I go on the bike." (It's a half-hour bike ride.)

He's probably about 30, about 6'3" and it's all legs. I suppressed harsh thoughts, but felt much better when later on I caught him outside having a quick cigarette.

So today I started again. I have new socks and I may need to find new shoes, but today was fine. I'm back on the couch to 5K trail for now, but looking at other programmes, too.


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