So tomorrow is the civil wedding of two of our church members. I am the groom's witness, so we'll scuttle off to the Charente, the neighbouring department to the north of us, about an hour's drive to the village of Messac, rendez-vous at the town hall at 4.

Next week is the wedding ceremony for Catrin, our daughter. It's going to be EXHAUSTING! 

It starts with a "hendo" - in French "the burial of the life of the young girl". This means Catrin and her girlie friends rampaging around and having girly fun. All day.

Thursday is the barbers. I am relying on Clement to produce the best possible version of myself.

Friday is when my involvement starts. I have some folk to collect from the airport and then a team goes to decorate the room.

Saturday is THE BIG DAY. I have to walk about 10 yards while looking as elegant as I can without upstaging my daughter. My son-in-law, of course, is fair game.

Sunday is THE BIG SLEEP. Rory is preaching. Thanks, Rory!


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