Schèmes; schemes and more schemes

 The area where we live is being radically redeveloped, completely remodeled, with new roads, new gardens and parks; new shopping centres and lots of new apartment blocks. So we have continued looking to see if we can find a suitable apartment for our retirement.

We looked at a complex of buildings being built by a company that is a household name. The salesperson attends a church in the city and knows several of my friends and colleagues. But we don’t like the design of the apartments or of the tower blocks.

We looked at some apartment stuff being built by the wiggly bridge (le pont en u) near the railway station. The apartments are nice but it’s perhaps a little too close to the station and the wiggly bridge will intrude on the privacy of the apartments.

We looked at another block of flats on the corner of the gardens, pretty well opposite where we live now, but again it’s a tower block.

And we also looked at another smaller block of 24 flats just beyond our nearest tram stop. Two flats are available at prix maitrisé. We looked at the plans. One seems more suitable than the other.

So it was time to call the bank to see what money could be available when. We need to talk to the property developer, check what guarantees they have to ensure the building will be completed well and their timetable for construction and for payment. Lots of talking ahead.


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