Taking a break under confinement and with a curfew

Well that was a long absence. Sorry for the silence. We took holidays.

At present in France you can travel only up to 10km unless you have a very good reason or for professional purposes. We wondered about taking a chalet at the lakeside campsite to the north of Bordeaux, but in the end decided it was better to stay at home and spend the holiday in other ways.

So my job was to find places to buy lunch. The cafés and restaurants are not open, but many are doing takeaway and anyway Bordeaux has lots of street food. So during the past few weeks we have eaten delicacies like Vietnamese salads, Argentinian empanadas, Italian street food.

Pat's job was to find all the parks, ALL the parks, accessible within 10km of our home. So we would walk or take bus, tram or boat to a park and explore.

Bordeaux has some awesome parks and we wandered through the forest in Mérignac, climbed the hill in Cenon, watched and listened to the frogs in Lormont, smelt the perfume of the wisteria arch on the right bank, and so on and so forth.

We needed a break. Around Easter the old spectre of anxiety was beginning to haunt me once more. I wondered if we could carry on or if there would need to be a fairly radical change in the nature of our ministry, but now I think that we can probably make smaller changes to enable us to get right through to retirement without a huge change.

Anyway, we'll see !

I'll try and post some photos, but I warn you - it's flowers, trees and plants !


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