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Thursday, April 08, 2021

Just shows how wrong you can be

 We have three local take-aways. 

One is called "Eat Salad". It's a salad bar.

Another is called Dubble and it's a salad bar.

The third, we thought, is called Chicko'So. It's essentially a chicken lunch bar with a choice of three preparations of chicken - caramelised drumsticks, breaded fillet or half a rotisserie chicken.

Yesterday, instead of going out to lunch we decided to sneak out and get it - Catrin was coming round in the afternoon with her washing and a friend - so I decided to order from Chicko'So and Pat from Eat Salad. It meant looking for their websites.

That's when we discovered that what we THOUGHT was a terminal "o" in the name of the restaurant was actually a small round chicken. The restaurant is called "Chicko'S" Admittedly, the capital S was confusing.

This is good news - it means that we can go out occasionally for "a cheeky chicko's".

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