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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

MOT test

This morning I had my six-monthly checkup with my doctor.

There were positive things and negative things to report :


Blood-test - as usual my bloods are impeccable. She reckons I have a long life ahead of me if I can only manage to avoid fast-moving vehicles.

Blood-pressure - after an initial period of uncertainty because she couldn't hear my pulse because we were talking too much, she said 13/8, that's fine.

Weight - she weighed me and pronounced herself content

Breathing - she confirmed that I am breathing and give every sign of continuing so to do for the immediate future.

Flu-jab - she approved of me having my flu-jab


She told me to resume eating breakfast. I protested that it was just carbohydrates, but she says carbohydrates are what you need in the morning.
On mange le matin comme un roi, a midi comme un baron et she said
Ouais, ouais, ouais I interjected, discouraged that my master plan for getting smaller did not have medical approval.
I told her that all the skinny people I know skip breakfast, but she was unmoved.

Nasal-perfusions of sea-water
She told me to squirt sea-water up my nose night and morning after or before brushing my teeth to avoid catching colds.
Quite honestly I fail to see how this ill-conceived practice could possibly have anything to do with the prevention of viral infections of the upper respiratory tract,
but in a moment of weakness I told her I would do it. I was laughing nervously, but I don't think that releases me from my word.

She does want me to do a stress-test at the hospital with a friendly cardiologist with whom she is in cohoots, 
but she says it's not at all urgent and she tends to do it with people in their mid-fifties.

So there we are. I have once more passed my MOT. 

1 comment:

Alan Davey said...

What is this thing with the sea?

Les huitres, c'est comme manger la mer!

But I have never ever had even the slightest hint of desire to eat the sea!

Laver le nez, c'est que de l'eau de mer.

But one of the great goals I have had in life up to this point is to keep the sea out of my nose as much as possible.

Nine years and culture shock can be just as strong as ever.