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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

My "lucky escape" (let the reader understand)

Walking to the bus-stop with Lynton, Barbara and Chris, I suddenly feel there's no pavement under my heel.

It's one of those white-dust pavements that we have here.

I look back - and where my heel was there's a heel-shaped hole.

I look down the hole, and it opens into a BIG hole underneath.

Wow, that was some rain, that undermined the pavement...!

Later, on the way back from the bus-stop, we see a traffic cone over where the hole was.

I moved it a little to look down the now ENORMOUS hole !

Wow ! If it had been the ball of my foot rather than my heel that could have been a broken ankle pretty easily !

That's why you'll often see me walking down the middle of the road or in the cycle-path. It's safer !

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