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Alan and Pat live and work in Bordeaux. Alan is a pastor and Pat was a nurse. Now we work with UFM worldwide. Read on! (If you'd like to know what took us to Bordeaux, then start with the archives from September 2004)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Anaesthesia sleep-over

On Monday night the girls did a kind of Disney sleepover - not exclusively Disney - they watched Anastasia and Peter Pan, I think. Meanwhile the lads upstairs watched Indiana Jones and I watched old episodes of Moonlighting !

They ate sleepover food, which seems to be Doritos, M&Ms and Haribo.

In the morning I made everyone American Pancakes, which we have just discovered as a quick and easy festive holiday breakfast, and we talked about life, The USA, Singapore and stuff.

Afterwards I had to pop into town on an errand for a student relating to their titre de séjour - fruitless I fear, because they didn't give me all the numbers off their dossier.

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